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The 10 languages that we provide translation and interpretation services to and from English are:

Why do we only provide the 10 most-spoken languages?Multi-language translator services

To ensure the highest quality, Word Key focuses their translation and interpretation services around the 10 most-spoken languages in the world.

Word Key is committed to being a multi-language translation and interpretation company that consistently delivers high-quality work for our clients. That’s why we have chosen to focus our service offering around the 10 most-spoken languages in the world.

The reason we restrict our multi-language translation and interpretation services

Our goal is to provide you with superior translation and interpretation services.

To achieve this we vet all of our translators by performing skill assessment tests, reference checks, interviews, and periodic follow-up evaluations to ensure that our team not only meets, but continues to maintain the established benchmarks. We deliberately stay away from the non-core languages and center our efforts on the 10 most-spoken languages to ensure that this process can be verified and executed to standard.