GuaranteeReliable, Accurate Translation and Interpretation…Guaranteed

We want our clients to be so confident in our ability to produce accurate translations that they won’t even feel the need to check the document after it is received. To accomplish and maintain the reputation as the ultimate, reliable source for accurate translation and interpretation services, guaranteed, the Word Key translation and interpretation company follows a number of guidelines:

Pass Rigorous, Quality Assessment Test
Before a translator can become part of the Word Key team they must first pass a rigorous, quality assessment test.
Native Language Translation
Our translators only translate into their native language.
Subject Matter Experts
We only assign subject matter experts to each project.
One Translator For One Single Project
Unless otherwise requested, we never assign more than one translator to a single project to ensure consistency.
Three Separate Language Professionals
very translation project will be assigned 3 separate language professionals to translate, edit, and proofread the document in order to double-check that it contains:
  • no spelling mistakes
  • no grammatical errors
  • no language nuances missed
  • no expressions misinterpreted

Accuracy is no accident. Producing a “clean” translation is all about making the extra effort to ensure that the client’s assignment is completed with the same care and attention to detail that they would apply themselves. You can rely on the Word Key translation and interpretation company to do just that. We guarantee it.