Chinese (Simplified, Traditional, Mandarin, Cantonese) Translator Services

Does your organization require an experienced Chinese translator to translate a document from Chinese to English or English to Chinese? You can rely on Word Key, the professional translation and interpretation company.

We offer a variety of Chinese translation services

Whatever your requirements, Word Key has a Chinese translator to facilitate them. Our Chinese translation and interpretation services include document translation (translation, editing, and proofreading), desktop publishing translation services, transcription, on-premise translator for hire, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation.

The sectors we provide Chinese translation for

It’s not just the accuracy, quality, and consistency of our Chinese translators that Word Key has a strong reputation for. Our clients also appreciate the expansive range of sectors our Chinese translators have experience in. These sectors include:

  • Chinese Intellectual Property Translation
  • Chinese Legal Translation
  • Chinese Engineering and Technical Translation
  • Chinese Life Sciences Translation
  • Chinese Manufacturing Translation
  • Chinese Business-to-Business Translation
  • Chinese Medical/Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Chinese Accounting/Financial Translation
  • Chinese Marketing/Advertising Translation
  • Chinese eCommerce Translation
  • Chinese Gaming /Localization Translation
  • Chinese Government Translation

How we ensure the quality of our Chinese translators

At Word Key we’re committed to providing our clients with high-quality Chinese translation and interpretation, that’s why we only employ professional Chinese translators who are native in the target language and have relevant industry experience associated with the content that they are translating. You should never settle for just native.

All of our Chinese translators have been vetted, too.

Before hiring our Chinese translators, Word Key conducts rigorous skill assessment tests, reference checks, and interviews. We then follow this up by performing periodic evaluations of our Chinese translators to ensure they are continuing to meet Word Key’s stringent standards and benchmarks.

Our Chinese translation guarantee

Our goal is an impeccably-translated document every time. To ensure that’s exactly what we deliver, our Chinese translators only translate into their mother language. Employing native language translators guarantees that every nuance of the translation is correct, whether translating English to Chinese or Chinese to English.

Finally, no matter what you hire a Word Key Chinese translator, for you can trust that your translation assignment will be produced on time and on budget.

Ensure your next Chinese document translation is completed accurately and professionally.
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