FAQsFrequently Asked Translation and Interpretation Questions

What We Do
  • Q:What services do you provide?
  • Q:What are the languages you provide translation and interpretation services for?
  • Q:What are the types of business categories you provide translation and interpretation services for?
  • Q:What types of documents does your company translate?
  • Q:What types of translation and interpretation services does your company offer?
How We Do It
  • Q:How do you determine how much your services will cost?
  • Q:What is your confidentiality policy?
Quality Control
  • Q:How do you ensure that the translation will be authentic and incorporate the nuances associated with a particular language?
  • Q:How experienced are your translators and interpreters?
  • Q:Once you have finished translating a document, do you have it proofread?
  • Q:If I’m interested in having Word Key provide me with a quote for translation or interpretation services, what should I do?
  • Q:How can I pay for your translation and interpretation services?
The Process
  • Q:How long does a translation typically take?
  • Q:How can I check the status of my translation project?
  • Q:How will I know when my translation project is complete?